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Airliners First Edition is a screen saver that has over 120 high quality airliner images. It features airlines that fly into Charlotte Douglas International Airport every day.

This product was developed by amateur photographer Stephen MacPherson. His love for aviation drives him to get the action shots that others would be looking for. In this screensaver you will find daytime, dusk, and brilliant colored night shots. You will see such planes as the Airbus A319, A320, A321, and the very popular Boeing 737 one of the most sold airliners in the world. You will also find other Boeing models such as the 747 and others..

Some of the carriers that you will see are Northwest Airlines, US Airways, Delta Airlines, AirTran, American Airlines, Fed Ex, DHL, UPS, and Continental.

If you love aviation you will love this screen saver.



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Above are just a few pictures that are in the screensaver!!!
Pictures have been downsized for the web. The pictures you will get are over 3 times larger!

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