AIM Presents

St. Clair County International Air show

Airports included in this package are:

KPHN – St. Clair County International
11G – Johnson Field.

System Requirements:

 Must have FSX installed including Acceleration.

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This package includes:

 (A) Static display of the following aircraft

Black Hawk

FA-18 ( Blue Angles)

AT 6

Extra 300

L 39

Sea Fury

SU 37



 (B) Custom flight plans

3 Cessna’s do touch and go’s every 2 hours at KPHN

2 Lear jets will fly from St. Clair County International (KPHN) to Flint Bishop (KFNT) at 1800 and 2000 hours every day.


 (C) Living world

There are 2 hangers that GA aircraft will use during normal operations. Do not be surprised to see aircraft taxi in and out of them.

We have updated the taxi ways with lights. In the original FSX release the taxi way for the west side of 10/28 was missing them.

We have replaced the standard Fuel Station with 2 fully operational fuel trucks.

This Airport does not resemble the actual real world Airport. We have deleted buildings and added buildings for a better game experience.

To be FPS friendly we have set the properties of all the static aircraft up in 3 groups. The groups work with your (Scenery complexity slider.) The 3 settings that we have used are (Very Sparse, Normal, Dense). You may still set the slider to Extremely Dense if you have a monster machine J but you will not get any more of our static aircraft after the dense setting.

We have also included Johnson Field (11G) in this package. Johnson field is located do west of (KPHN) and is a small dirt strip. We added a couple of static aircraft acting as a staging area for the show.


Words of caution. Remember that if you have your realism setting set to hard and you try and drive into a hanger you plane will crash. This is because the how Microsoft has created the poly count on objects. You will need to set the radio button in the Crashes and Damage section to (Ignore crashes and damage).